Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011: (Pentecost)
The Holy Spirit said: “I am God the Holy Spirit, and all Three of Us are one God. Today, you celebrate My feast day, and I am happy to celebrate My seven gifts with you. Many people do not know much about Me, but when the evangelists speak of the Spirit of God, they are referring to Me. I gave life to Jesus’ Body at His conception as a Spouse of Mary. I also returned life to His glorified Body on His Resurrection. Wherever you see life present, I am the force animating that form of life. You all have a soul and a body which I allow to exist. When you see the people glowing with life, you know that I am present there enabling them. The love that you have for each other and for Us comes from Me as well. Give praise and glory to all Three Persons of God who have created you and sustain your life.”

Jesus said: “My people, this thermometer in the vision is showing extremely hot temperatures are coming in America during the summer. This swinging of hot and cold extremes in the summer and winter, appear to be a general trend. This extra heat could warm the Gulf of Mexico area and could provide more energy for severe hurricanes. America was fortunate that most of last year’s storms did not hit your country. You will see more land falling storms unless the jet stream currents are altered by man. With warmer temperatures you could see some areas where droughts could continue the fires that have been occurring. With too little rain in some areas and too much rain in other areas, it will be difficult to have good crop yields this year. With enough bad crop yields worldwide, you could see a severe strain on your world food reserves that could cause the beginnings of a world famine.”