Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday, June 1, 2014:
Jesus said: “My people, many of your people in America need to be awakened in their spiritual lives, that are asleep like the lukewarm. You pay more attention to your own plans and concerns of the world, than My ways and My mission for your lives. You are discussing how your church may be closing, because your attendance at Sunday Mass is decreasing. This is a national problem as well. As you allow more evil things to go on, and you let your morals decay, it is no wonder that your love for Me is also decreasing. If you all have Me as the center of your lives, there would be full churches, and the decay in your morality would stop. It is your love for Me, and your love for your neighbor that is lacking because people are only concerned with their own lives and not helping others. Pray that the spiritual eyes of your people could be opened, and that your love for Me could be increasing instead of decreasing.”

Jesus said: “My people, as you remember your birthdays for this month, I am showing you in the vision how you keep track of the births of your people in your County documents. There are some people who use this old information to trace back their ancestry in previous generations. You have been asked to pray the long form of the St. Michael prayer to break any generational sin that has come down through the years. Just as your parents and grandparents have passed life on to you, and your DNA roots, so they also could have passed down weaknesses to various addictions. It is these sinful addictions that you are trying to break with these prayers of deliverance. By placing holy water or blessed salt on your family pictures after the prayer, you are praying to heal their souls and physical leanings to certain sins. This is a powerful prayer for your families, and you will have more help for their souls by praying this prayer every day for them. Do not be surprised that I can help your family members in unusual ways. Trust in these deliverance prayers that could save all the souls of your family for heaven and avoid hell.”