Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday, July 7, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, today’s Gospel speaks about the seventy-two disciples that I sent out to spread the Good News that the Kingdom of God is at hand. They were marveling that the evil spirits were under their command, and people were being healed in My Name. The Holy Spirit enabled their work, but I told them to rejoice more that their names are written in heaven in the Book of Life. Even today, I am sending out My faithful as missionaries to teach My Good News, and to lay hands on the sick. Just as people were healed by My apostles and these disciples, some of My followers have been granted healing powers to heal people today. With the grace of your deliverance prayers, even some demons can be exorcized as well. Keep close to Me in your daily prayers, your Masses, and My sacraments, and your name can be written in the Book of Life as well.”

Jesus said: “My people, please pray for those who were injured or killed in this latest airplane disaster in San Francisco, California. You had a blessing in that only two of the people on board were killed. Most of the passengers and crew were able to get out of the plane before the fire got worse. I told you that you could see less disasters if your people changed their lifestyles to the good, and stopped making laws against My Commandments. Recently, there was a new law passed in California referring to those who changed genders that could go to the bathroom of their choice. This disaster is connected to these kind of laws and the sexual sins of your country. Keep praying for your country and these sinners to minimize any further disasters.”