Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, throughout history My prophets and messengers have had a hard life of persecution. Some have been martyred or tortured because the people did not want to hear their message. If the people accepted the message, it would mean that they would have to reform their sinful lives. This change of lifestyle from the comforts of the body to the rigors of a saintly life, is not what most of the people wanted to follow. This is why many prophets were persecuted and even killed because the people did not want to hear such messages. This is also why some messengers were reluctant to take on such a calling from Me. I thank all of those who have accepted such a mission to preach My Word, even when it is not popular or difficult to accept. I also want you to pray for My prophets and messengers for all the trials that they must suffer on My behalf. Even I was rejected by My home town and the Jewish people. I only ask that you be open to their words and discern by your faith and Church teachings whether they are teaching properly. Look at the fruits of their works to test the truth of their words.”