Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, you all have free will to live the life that you desire on the stage of life. It is My desire that you live a holy life for My sake. The vision on the stage is like you have seen in your grandchildren’s high school graduations. There will come a time when you die, and you will have a graduation from this life into the next life. When you come across the stage to receive your diploma, you will be graded on how you loved Me and your neighbors. This will be your judgment time when you will receive your reward for being faithful to Me. Those, who receive a failing grade, have already chosen their punishment in hell. Those, who have done many good works, will be chosen for the various levels of heaven. Most souls may require some time in purgatory to purify their desires of earthly sins and make up for any remission due for their sins. All of heaven will be rejoicing over every graduation into heaven. Heaven also rejoices when any soul converts to My way of life with the help of My evangelists. Bringing souls to Me will be greatly rewarded in heaven. When My faithful reach this day of graduation into heaven, you will be joyous and happy to be over all the trials that you had to endure for My sake. You will then be ecstatic to behold My beatific vision.”