Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday, July 29, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, throughout My three years of ministry I performed many miracles to heal people both spiritually and physically. This miracle of the multiplication of the bread and fish is a sign of how I would bring My very Body and Blood to all of those who receive Me worthily in Holy Communion. I am truly present in every consecrated Host, and you receive My grace of this Eucharistic sacrament every time that you receive Me. Some of My faithful even come to visit Me and adore Me at Adoration of My Blessed Sacrament in the monstrance. While I am present in My tabernacles, it is even more personal to see your God in My Host displayed at Adoration in the monstrance. You also receive grace when you come to adore Me and praise Me in My tabernacle or exposed in the monstrance. Perpetual Adoration at various churches is a blessing for My faithful, and it should be promoted everywhere. My adorers are special to Me because they are true believers in My Real Presence. Teach your children and friends about the graces and blessings that they can receive by visiting Me in My tabernacle. When you come to visit Me, you are at peace in the quiet of your contemplative prayer. I listen to all of your prayer requests, and to all the things that may be troubling your soul. Whatever you ask of Me in prayer, I will answer in My way and in My time. Rejoice in the sharing of My love because I am always with you.”