Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday, July 28, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel I taught My disciples how to pray with the ‘Our Father’ prayer. It has different words in the different Gospel writers. You have various intentions for your prayers, but many of them are prayer requests for your needs, or for the souls of your relatives and friends. In the first reading from Exodus, you have Abraham pleading with Me persistently for saving the city of Sodom. He started with fifty just men, and worked down to ten just men that could spare the city from destruction. You know that the family of Lot added up to only eight just people, so the city was destroyed for their sins after Lot and his family were removed. There are some souls who are saved by the prayers of their relatives. In the case of St. Monica, she prayed for St. Augustine’s conversion for over thirty years. Even your wife prayed for her father for over forty years, and he was saved on his death bed. These are examples of persistent prayer which can save souls. Each person has to make a free will choice to love Me to be saved, but your prayers can keep a soul open or predisposed to My love, even if they are not coming to church on Sunday. When you come to Mass, you are praying to Me in Adoration because the Mass is the greatest prayer of all. This is why Masses are powerful in helping souls to get out of purgatory. In the Gospel, the man was persistent with his neighbor in asking for some bread for his guests. So My people need to be persistent in their prayers to save souls. When you are close to Me in daily prayer and Sunday Mass, you can keep focused on Me on your path to heaven. I need to hear how much you love Me every day and not just once on Sunday, because I showed My love for all of you by dying on the cross for your sins.”