Sunday, July 20, 2008: (Linda’s 50th Wedding Anniversary)

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you My creation with the soil, the sun, and the rain, but what have you done to the seeds and the crops? You have made artificial hybrid seeds that cannot grow their own seed. You have taken My perfect crops and have made them imperfect as you try in vain to make crops better than My perfection. You use herbicides, insecticides, and artificial fertilizers with your crops, but you are poisoning the soil and the food. Just as you heard about the enemy planting weeds among the wheat, so your industrial seed providers are planting evil in the seeds themselves. In the spiritual world you are also faced with the demons spreading their evil temptations in your hearts and souls. You need to call on Me and My angels to protect you from these evil ones, and use your prayer life and sacramental life to feed your soul the graces that you need. Without eating My Body and drinking My Blood, you cannot have eternal life. You see in the Gospel how at the judgment time all of the evil ones will be the weeds that are cast into the fires of hell. But My faithful are the wheat that will be collected into My barn of heaven. It would be better to read the whole Gospel so that you have the explanation of the parable of the sower revealed to you as I explained it to My apostles.”
Linda: Jesus said: “I want to thank both of you for being faithful to Me and your wedding vows for these fifty years. In these days of divorces and living together, it is a beautiful example that your love shows the commitment that others need to know and follow. Continue to give Me praise and thanks for allowing you to live out this wonderful marriage with all of the blessings of your children and grandchildren.”