Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, you have been focused on Me as the Good Shepherd in today’s readings. I do not tend My sheep in the flesh as when I was on the earth in human form, but I tend My sheep now through My sacramental presence in Holy Communion. I am always here for you in My tabernacle, so come to Me as often as you can visit Me. You remember when I retreated into the mountains in prayer to regain My strength. So I invited My apostles to a quiet place to help them in a retreat of prayer. I invite My faithful as well to quiet moments of prayer in contemplative prayer to recharge your spiritual life to carry on. All of My faithful can be shepherds as well in evangelizing the sheep who are calling for My peace in their souls. Reach out every day to save souls from the clutches of the devil. Pray for My strength so you can fight the spiritual battle against the evil in this world. You also need to be thankful for your priests and bishops who lead you and shepherd you. These are your spiritual shepherds, and they need your prayers and physical support to carry on their ministries. It is a heavy responsibility that they have been given to nourish My family of souls. Do whatever you can to help them because you are helping Me in the souls of the faithful. Continue also to pray your novena for a new spiritual director.”