Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I have told you that he, who receives My Body and Blood, will have eternal life. In order to receive My spiritual food for your soul, you need to attend Sunday Mass. Sunday Mass is not only a requirement for worship in My Church, but it is your only way to be completely united with Me intimately with your soul. When you receive Me in Holy Communion, you can feel the tingling of a taste of heaven. I am the joy of your life, and it is My peace of grace that you need to guard in your soul from any evil. This experience of My love is why many come to receive Me every day in daily Mass. Give praise and glory to Me that you have the opportunity for Mass in your churches. Once you stop praying and fall away from going to Sunday Mass, then you are giving up your roots and means to show Me your love. This life is passing away, but your soul lives on forever and you need to keep feeding and nourishing your soul. Do not be spiritually lazy, and do not let the devil distract you from Me by the curiosities of the world. This life is your preparation for coming to heaven, so let My angels protect you and lead you to prayer so you can always be close to Me in your heart. I do not force My love upon you. You have a choice to be with Me in love and eternal peace in heaven, or you can choose to be with Satan in hate and eternal suffering in hell. So take the narrow road to My love, even if you must suffer persecution in this life when you proclaim My Word.”
To Fr. George: Jesus said: “My people, wherever there is a love for My Eucharist and a devotion to St. Michael, he will be guarding you and making you invisible to your enemies. This church is on consecrated ground and it will be a place of protection. You will find a spring of water here in time.”
Jesus said: “My people, these five horses dressed in battle robes represent Israel, America, Iran, China, and Russia. These countries are flexing their military muscles in showing off their weaponry. It is dangerous when these countries hurl threats at each other, even if Israel and Iran feel confident in those countries backing them. If any attacks or miscalculated actions lead to a war over making nuclear bombs, this could quickly lead to many people being killed. Israel has nuclear bombs and if they fear that their nation is in jeopardy, they could resort quickly to using nuclear bombs. I have been asking you and all of those listening to these messages to pray much that a war over Iran could be averted. All the rosaries that are given away will hopefully encourage more to pray for peace in the world. Man in his pride thinks that he can fight any war that he chooses. I am love and I detest all wars because they kill people and allow the evil one to have his way with you. Work to find terms of compromise so you can live in peace without constant wars, and do not try to force your will on other nations. Love one another because this life is too short to be fighting all of the time.”