Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, as you see in the vision, I am the Source of all graces and healings. It is by faith in Me and your requests, that conversions and healings can happen. You know that with Me all things are possible. In your petitions you could fast and pray for what is best for the person that you are praying for. All of your prayers should be for what is best for their soul and according to My Will. At times it is hard to accept when someone is not healed physically as you would like. Some healings take time, and some are not healed at all. This acceptance of life as it takes place, takes a grace also, but it is not a reason to think that I do not care or do not love that person. All of life is a test of faith and a struggle for survival. Be grateful for the gift of life for as long as I want all of you to live.”
Jesus said: “My people, this vision of an operating room shows you where many doctors perform needed surgeries. Even in some serious operations, they have helped many people with all of man’s current technology. I know some people rely more on doctors than on asking for My help, but some faithful rely more on Me than the doctors. I do grant miracles of healing, even through the doctor’s hands. So when you pray for healings, let Me use the instruments to heal that person. Walk with Me in faith in whatever you have to deal with. I will be with you at your side to bear all of your life’s problems. Trust in Me and keep close to Me in your daily prayers.”