Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, today’s Gospel was long because I gave the parable of the Sower of seed which I explained to My apostles that the seed is My Word. My Word of Scripture is available to everyone, but not everyone takes the time to read My Word in the Bible to understand My love for man. In days before I came to the earth many wanted to see Me, but they could not, and many wanted to hear My Word, and they could not hear it. So My people are fortunate to see Me in the consecrated Host and receive Me in Holy Communion. You also can read or hear My Word and meditate on understanding My explanations. Give praise and thanks for all of My faithful who were graced to be planted in good soil where they have produced a hundred, sixty, and thirty fold. Pray also for all the lukewarm who are not strong enough to come to Me on their own.”

For France: Jesus said: “My people of France, you have been blessed by My Blessed Mother who is watching over your country. The rain in the vision represents how My Blessed Mother rains down My Word on you as she brings Me to you. She is protecting you with her mantle of protection and there will be several places of refuge that will be spared any destruction. Notre Dame will be one of these places that will be a refuge during the tribulation.” Note: Marie Anne was actually married in Notre Dame Cathedral on December 8, 1972.

Jesus said: “My people, some refuges may be on farms where it is difficult to farm grain crops to feed cows or other animals. The manure can be composted for fertilizer for the crops. Getting seed to grow grain crops may require heirloom seeds so some seed can be harvested every year for the next year’s crop. The milk can be used to make butter and cheese. With a pond for a source of water, this could meet the needs for drinking and washing. Harvesting the grain usually requires machinery that runs on gasoline. At such refuge farms I will multiply the gasoline in the holding tanks. If some woods are available, you could use wood to heat your home during the winter. If you only have propane or natural gas out of the ground, I could multiply your fuel for heating. In order to survive on your refuges, you need to harvest some food for both your animals and the people at the refuge. You need a good source of water and a means to heat in the winter. I will supply deer for meat and My angels will give you daily Communion. Trust in My angels to shield you and My luminous cross to heal your ailments. My angels will also multiply your bedding and buildings to provide places to sleep. At My refuges of protection you can trust in Me to supply all of your needs. So do not worry what you are to eat, drink, or what you will wear. My people will have much work to perform, and more time for praying. Give thanks to Me that I will protect you from the Antichrist and his evil people.”