Sunday, January 6, 2008: (Epiphany)

Jesus said: “My people, many of the Jews had different expectations for how the Messiah would appear.  Some could not accept that I would have such humble beginnings as being born in a stable.  But still the shepherds and the kings of the Orient were led by the miracle Star to where I was born.  You adore Me as the Infant King, and the kings from the Orient brought Me kingly gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  The kings were warned not to tell King Herod where I was because they knew that the king would try to kill Me.  Give praise and glory to your King, and I will share My kingly spiritual gifts with all of you.  I share My very Self with you in Holy Communion.  The readings also focus on the Light from My Star which will light a path for each of you through the darkness of this life to heaven.  Just as the Magi followed My Star, I want you all to follow Me as a Light to protect you from the darkness of your sins.  I love all of you so much, even as you love your Infant King.  Rejoice in My love, and share My gifts of love and faith with everyone that comes into your life.  Bring your gift to My altar after you have cleansed your souls and have made amends with your neighbor.”
Jesus said: “My people, many have wondered where they would be called to go for a refuge.  I have told you before that you will be led by your guardian angel to a place of My Blessed Mother’s apparitions, a place of holy ground, or even a cave in hilly areas.  The vision is a hilly area where you could find caves that could even be carved out by My angels.  I have asked you to take some warm clothes and a sleeping blanket because it is cool in a cave, but it is not freezing.  The little food, that you bring, I will multiply.  Water, manna, and meat will be provided, so have no worries about how you will survive.  My angels will protect you from the evil ones and there will be springs of healing water to heal any diseases of the evil ones.  Elijah hid in Mt. Carmel for protection from being killed, much like My faithful will need this same protection.  Give praise and thanks to your God for having mercy on you in giving you My angelic protection.”