Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, it is one thing to be called to repent and become one of My followers. It is another thing to live out your calling by helping others to come to the faith in Me by your own evangelization efforts. There are different levels of calling, even as each of you have been given different talents to achieve your own mission. Today’s Gospel speaks of how I called My apostles to listen and spread My Word among all the nations. I do call many to the religious life either as priests, nuns, or the cloistered clergy. Giving up your life for My dedicated service is a difficult but rewarding service. In order to have fertile ground for future priests, you must pray for vocations, and that young men will be encouraged by their parents and friends to be willing to deal with the demands of diocesan life. Many places of Adoration of My Blessed Sacrament are places where future priests could find a love of the ‘sacred’. I call certain people in your times to be prophets or messengers of My Word, as you have accepted this mission. My chosen ones need to be holy, and they need your prayers to support them as well. It is not easy to preach My Word, but again the saving of souls is your reward. I call every lay person to do their part as well to enrich your faith and that of your family members. Families need prayer warriors to look up to and My true faithful need to be good examples for others to imitate your spiritual lives. Prayer is needed every day to save sinners, help souls in purgatory, for peace, and a stoppage of abortion and your many sexual sins. I cannot violate people’s free will, but I can encourage you to love Me and your neighbor. When you have love and charity in your heart, you will be drawn to do many good works for My sake and not just your own. Keep focused on My call in your lives, and I will send you the graces and blessings needed to carry out your mission.”