Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday, January 26, 2014: (Camille Remacle’s birthday)
Camille said: “Hello, John, I am happy to see you again, and I want to thank you, Carol, and Sharon for taking good care of Lydia at your home. I am still praying for Vic and his problems. I mentioned before that I want our family to get back to church in preparation for the coming Warning. I did see hell when I was dead for two minutes, before the doctors revived me. I do not want any family members to experience what I saw, because I did not show the Lord enough love and attention. The Lord does not want people to ignore Him. Those, who do, are the lukewarm who are risking hell. Some people, like Vic, are going to need the Warning to wake them up. I pray that your prayers and evangelization efforts can save his soul. Your prayers saved me, and they can save the other family members who are not coming to Sunday Mass and Confession. I am watching out for all of you, and I love you all very much, especially Lydia.”

Jesus said: “My son, today is a true homecoming day when I gave you an opportunity to greet your parents and many of your deceased relatives. I have told you before that all of us in heaven are watching all of you, and you need to be on your good behavior. Your deceased family is encouraging you in your mission, especially in praying the long St. Michael prayer as a deliverance of your family members who are away from Me. Continue these prayers for their souls as often as you can. These exorcism prayers are powerful, and it can release your family members from their demons. Other families can do likewise in breaking any generational sin or demon control for their members. All people need to make a choice to love Me, or not. If you do not love Me, nor your neighbor, then you could be headed to hell. Hell is a real place of punishment for those souls who reject Me or ignore Me. Keep up your prayer barrage for all of your family members. If they are converted, like your wife’s father, Camille, they will be most thankful for all of your efforts to save their souls.”