Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, you see in today’s readings the two different responses to My call in rejection or acceptance. In defense of Jonah, he was being asked directly to do something that was out of his comfort zone, with possibly being killed for speaking out against Nineveh. The apostles did not see such danger and persecution at first, but they later died for their faith in Me. I call many people in various ways to fulfill their missions in life. Some are called to a religious vocation, some to married life, and some to single life. There is another calling when I ask people to serve as My prophets and messengers. My son, when I called you for this task of preparing people for the end times, you willingly accepted to do My Will. Even some people criticized you for accepting such a mission right away. Still, I am grateful for all of My prophets to carry out their missions. I have few people doing My work in the vineyard of souls, and I need My servants to speak out, and prepare My people for the spiritual battles that are going to get worse against the evil ones. Continue a good prayer life, and stay close to Me in My sacraments. Carry your blessed sacramentals as well for your protection from the demons. I love My people so much, and I do not want to see even one soul lost. But My prayer warriors need to keep praying for the conversion of the lukewarm souls, and those who have not had the faith.”