Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I am giving you a flashback to when you visited the Flagellation Chapel in Jerusalem where the Roman soldiers mocked My kingship by putting a crown of thorns on My head, a reed for a scepter in My hand, and they scourged Me on My back and front in order to humiliate Me. I suffered the most cruel method of torture of that day in being crucified which is a slow suffocation, especially when you are nailed to a cross. St. John the Baptist in today’s Gospel is pointing to Me as the Lamb of God as I was later slaughtered like a sheep sacrifice for all of the sins of mankind. This hole through the chapel is like a tunnel through time to the present. It represents how My one sacrifice is outside of time, and I share My sacrifice with you at every Mass. At every Mass the bread and wine are consecrated into My very Body and Blood. This is My Real Presence in My Blessed Sacrament and I want you to give Me reverence by receiving Me on the tongue as you bow or genuflect to the glory of your Lord. You have seen miracles of bleeding Hosts to give witness to those who do not believe in My Real Presence. Even the demons get people to desecrate My sacred Hosts in black masses because they know I am really present in My Blessed Sacrament. So as you come to Mass, do not think that it is just a meal or just a celebration, but you are truly present and praying ‘The sacrifice of the Mass’ which is an unbloody re-enactment of My death on the cross. This is truly a sharing in My very Body and Blood. Holy Communion is truly a taste of heaven as you share with Me in an intimate communion of our spirits. Give praise and glory to your Lord for all of My gifts, especially the forgiveness of your sins, and salvation to share eternal life with Me in heaven.”

God the Eternal Father said: “I AM stands before you. Thank you for following My wishes to have a chapel dedicated in My honor for your God the Father. You will receive many graces and blessings for listening to My instructions. This vision of a mural of Me on the floor is a testimony to all of the many miraculous images that are appearing on these holy grounds. You have many prayer meetings here, and all of your prayers will help sustain you here through the tribulation. Call on My angels of protection to shield you from the evil ones so they cannot see you. Also, I will instruct you in your preparations for water and food to feed you. Give praise and glory to your God because soon you will see many catastrophic events on the earth, for it will change as you know it.”