Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday, January 19, 2014:
Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel St. John the Baptist was calling Me the ‘Lamb of God’ or the Messiah, because he was told that the one whom the Holy Spirit descends on, is the Son of God. I came to the earth by an Incarnation of God and man, so I could sacrifice My life as an unblemished lamb for all of your sins. I came to save souls out of love for man, but you need to accept My love in order to come into heaven. Only those souls, who come through Me, will be allowed into heaven. Be aware of false religions that try to deceive you, because they are led by Satan to distract you. You need to prepare yourself with the truth of My Gospel, and know your faith to defend it from the deceivers, who twist words to mislead you. Converting unbelievers is one thing, but you also need to reach out and bring back the lukewarm, who are the lost sheep. These are the ones who I went out to find, while I left the ninety-nine in the desert. Help your family members, and do not let them be deceived by the wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have told you to prepare some food in storage for a coming world famine. You are about to see some bad growing conditions for your farmers, and there will be rationing of food. It will also be hard to buy food, because you will need chips in the body in order to buy it. There will be enough food in some areas, but without a chip in the body, it will only be obtained on the black market or at My refuges. You will see chaos and stealing of food when people are desperate and hungry. You could order some MREs for a while because these meals are easier to store and eat with little preparation. Soon this supply will run out, and it will be hard to find food. Once people start killing others for food, this will be the time to come to My refuges. Your food will be multiplied at My refuges so all of My faithful will have enough to eat. Be thankful that you are warned ahead of this famine because some people could die of starvation. Refuse to take any chips in the body, even if it threatens your survival. Call on Me to have your guardian angels lead you to My refuges so you will not starve.”