Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, in the second reading the gifts of the Holy Spirit were enumerated. Every person has been given a particular mission with sufficient graces to carry it out. One of these gifts is ‘prophecy’ which can be about words of faith as well as things to come. This gift has been your mission which you have accepted, and I am thankful that you are doing what I have asked of you. This mission is of warnings and preparations, but it is a difficult message to share because many do not want to hear about the coming tribulation. The important message is that people need to trust in Me for protection and your needs. The coming Warning is My mercy on sinners to wake up and be prepared in their souls by repentance, and to be ready to leave for My refuges when the evil ones start to force a takeover. You will see My angels protect you and provide for your food, water, and shelter at My refuges. Be thankful for this mission, and keep close to Me in you prayer life so you can carry it out.”