Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, this vision of My curing the paralytic man is different from your readings at today’s Mass, but it is all about faith in My healing and knowing that the Son of man can heal and lead people. St. John the Baptist pointed out that I was the ‘Lamb of God’ and My apostles were led to follow Me as they realized that I was the ‘Christ’ who came to redeem mankind. They understood the full meaning of My coming when they saw more miracles in My ministry. The calling of My disciples is similar to how I called My prophets, as Samuel. It is not easy to understand My ways and to listen to My words. For some it may take years of study or a grace of My inspiration from the Holy Spirit. The hardest part to following My ways is for people to be able to give up following their own desires. Giving over your will to Me requires an openness in faith that can take a long time to develop in your love relationship with Me. Put your trust in Me to help you in all that you do, and you will see My Light and believe in My ways.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have had a lull in your disasters with very few snow storms. Your weather has been warmer with less snow than normal, but the cold will be returning with snow in some areas. The concern is about the broken glass windows which means you could see some increasing incidents of violence and people who are desperate for food and living accommodations. Many of your people have had to take less paying jobs when the manufacturing jobs left for China. The middle class is losing net income to the cost of things that they can buy. They are getting by, but they are frustrated with decreasing incomes while the rich are getting richer. This frustration with less income could trigger some riots and looting of stores for what they feel they deserve. This lawless activity could trigger martial law if these riots get widespread. Your upcoming elections are not offering much hope that things will get better. Pray that your people will not resort to such chaos and looting because this activity will only cause worse problems.”