Sunday, January 11, 2009: (Baptism of Our Lord,David’s anniversary)

David said: “My dear parents and sisters, I invite you to come to visit my grave in remembrance of my short life. This is fitting that my death’s anniversary fell on the Baptism of Jesus after celebrating Christmas. In the vision you had a flashback to my own Baptism with Father Dennis. You all were baptized into the faith and it was by Jesus’ suffering on the cross that your sins were forgiven as well as my original sin. I am a saint in heaven today because of the mercy of God and that I was able to be baptized before I died. I thank my parents for inviting Father to baptize me. Now I am praying for all of my family, and any intentions that you give to me to send to Jesus as intercessor. Remember me every day in your prayers as we are united in spirit.”