Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, when you converted over from the Latin Mass to the new Mass, you have lost some reverent traditions. In the Latin Mass that you are revisiting today, you attended this Mass for many years. All the vestments, words, and even the Sundays that were celebrated before Lent are very familiar to you. The empty choir seats in the vision represented all the lost singing of the Gregorian Chant hymns. The facing of the priest to the congregation is different from the priest facing more to Me in heaven. The hardest part of the funeral scene is that many of the old priests who sacrificed the Mass in Latin are dying and these traditions will be difficult to pass on to your future generations. There are some places that have preserved the Latin Mass, and they are to be commended for carrying on the Church’s old traditions. The new Mass is acceptable to Me, but the Latin Mass has more feelings of reverence and the sacred to Me. Give praise and glory to Me that you have My gift of the Mass and My gift of Myself to you in Holy Communion.”