Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, every time that you receive Me in Holy Communion you are joined with the Communion of Saints which means the saints and angels of heaven as well as the souls in purgatory. So you had glimpses of your relatives that are deceased in the vision in order to emphasize this union with them through Me. Call on your relatives to help you in life with their prayers. They love you and they want to help you to get to heaven. Some people get spiritually lazy in taking care of their spiritual life, so any help, that you can call on, will be better for you. Many do not realize that there is a battle for souls going on in this life. So as the apostles pulled in the fish, so My faithful need to pull in the lost sheep so they are not lost to hell.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you many messages about refuges and how necessary they will be for your protection during the tribulation. Some people do not realize how evil it will be during the reign of the Antichrist at the tribulation time. These refuges will be oases of grace and protection during that time. The evil ones will try and force mandatory chips in the body on everyone that is not at a refuge, and these chips will control their minds. Refuse to take any chips in the body, and refuse to worship the Antichrist or even look at him nor listen to him. The Antichrist will have powers of suggestion to try and force you to worship him. My angels will guide you to safety at My refuges where you will be invisible to the evil ones. These refuge messages are true, and many people, who receive messages, will soon have this revealed to them as well. This preparation for the end times is your mission, but it is also My mercy to protect My faithful. Have no fear of this time. Some will be martyred for their faith and come straight to heaven. The rest of My faithful will be led to the safety of My refuges where I will provide for all of your needs.”