Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, you are truly the salt of the earth, and I call all of My faithful to go out into the world to share My Light of the Gospel in seeking to evangelize souls to follow Me. When I said what if the salt loses its flavor, I am referring to what if one of My faithful loses his or her way, then he or she cannot spread My message. So it is important that you stay close to Me in daily prayer and if possible daily Mass. In this way you will not lose any of your gifts of faith, and you will be enabled by the Holy Spirit to spread My Word as My Light disperses the darkness of sin. To protect yourselves from the evil ones, you must wear your weapons of the rosary, the scapular, the Benedictine cross, and possibly holy water and blessed salt. When you go out in your mission trips, you use My blessed salt in your van for protection. Blessed salt is very powerful against the demons, as is your relic of My True Cross. When you pray for a healing of people, remember that you are praying through Me and the Holy Spirit to heal both the body and the soul. Healing of the soul in conversion is even more important than any bodily healing. I love My faithful and all peoples, even those who do not love Me. I give this as an example that I want you to love everyone also, even those who persecute you or try to harm you. Each person has a soul, and I do not want that person to be lost to the evil one. I am sending you out as My apostles two by two so you can go out to all the nations with My Word. Then people can be given the opportunity to be saved and invited to know and love Me. I give you all My blessing of protection and a blessing to strengthen your faith so you can be a witness of My love to all people in the world.”