Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013: (St. Blaise)
Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel of Luke the people of Nazareth were surprised to hear Me tell them that I was fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy of one who would come and heal the blind and the sick. They had heard of My miracles of healing, but they did not realize how I received such power because they knew My parents and that I lived there. Because of their lack of faith, I could not heal people there, but only foreigners. I told them that a prophet is rarely accepted in his hometown. Because I insulted them, they did not want to believe in My healing gifts. They even tried to kill Me, but I walked through their midst. Even in your own mission, it is not easy for your people to believe in My messages because many do not want to hear hard messages of preparing for the end times. Your prayer group members have supported you, but others find it hard to believe. Do not be concerned if some people do not want to hear My messages from private revelation, but carry on with your mission of evangelizing souls, and warning people of the evil of the coming Antichrist. I love all of My prophets and messengers who carry out My mission, and they will be blessed for their efforts in spreading My Word of love and life.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you the young children who survived the gauntlet of your abortion society. Some of you remark how you do not see many babies and young people, but look at the millions of babies that are killed by abortion. I am showing you My little ones because they are precious in My sight, and they need to be protected from physical abuse and from all evil influences. You have heard of such abuse from parents and bullying of kids in school. If you notice unusual bruises on young children, you may need to notify the authorities. There are other evil influences from internet games, pornography, and even Harry Potter books and movies. Parents should be careful of what their children are watching on TV and on the internet. It is important to train your children in daily prayer so they have a spiritual support to get through life’s trials. Children look up to their parents or grandparents for good spiritual leadership in helping them. Your good example of Sunday Mass and monthly Confession can give children a model to follow. Even if your children or grandchildren see you praying a rosary, this can have a good influence on them. In this evil age you also need to have your children wear blessed sacramentals for protection from the demons. They could wear scapulars, carry rosaries, have blessed medals, and a Benedictine cross. Encourage the children to avoid drugs and drinking as they get older. Let them also see that abortions and living together without marriage are mortal sins to avoid. By training your children in the faith, you are preparing them for life and how to have Me as the center of their lives.”