Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday, February 22, 2015: (First Sunday of Lent)
Jesus said: “My son, you are seeing progress made in the building of your addition, as the large tree was taken down, and the stump was ground up. You are still working on removing the wood, but you are now ready to dig out the basement and remove any roots. In the vision you saw a large stained glass window that represents the stained glass windows that you have purchased. You are getting ready to build your new holy place, and your new kitchen. You have had a mission for evangelization for many years, and now you are having an additional mission of preparation. I want to confirm the naming of your holy place after ‘The Eternal Father’. I know you will put the same effort into providing for your guests as you have done with spreading My messages. Keep praying your St. Theresa Glory Bes for the successful completion of your addition.”