Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Lady said: “My dear children of this conference, you are also celebrating the First Anniversary of this place as the Betania IV Shrine that was crowned yesterday. You have a deep loving remembrance of your experiences in Betania, Venezuela when you saw many blue butterflies that represent my very presence among you. You are united with Geo and the Bianchini Family and their hospitality when you visit them. Even at this shrine you have pictures and a sense of Maria Esperanza’s presence among you. Many beautiful talks are encouraging you to constantly renew your loving relationship with my Son, Jesus, and me in your daily prayers. I especially want to encourage my families to pray together my rosary to protect your families from the attacks of the evil one through the distractions of the world. By making your consecration to me and my Son, Jesus, you can focus more on your earthly mission to save souls for heaven. It is by your good works and prayers that you will be good examples to others to have devotion to me and to worship Jesus. When you call on us in prayers, we are here to answer your petitions for what is best for your souls. Rejoice at this shrine that you can share love with your fellow pilgrims in life, as you walk with us on your path to heaven.”
Jesus said: “My people, there are some people that have a difficulty in understanding how I could multiply your shelters at My refuges. This requires a trust in My Word and a belief that I can do the impossible in man’s world. It is nothing for My angels to build either a high building on a small plot of land, or many buildings on a large plot of land. I told you before when the people will first come to My refuges that they will be frightened. Then once they start seeing miracles of the food and water being multiplied, they will have more confidence in what I have promised you. Again when you see your rooms being multiplied, many will be in amazement of My power and that of My angels. You will rejoice in My protection and see how generous I am in providing for your needs. Give praise and glory to Me in all that I do for you now and in the future.”