Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, on this First Sunday of Lent you are just starting out following in My footsteps on your way to Calvary, and eventually to celebrate My Resurrection on Easter. You may endure some fasting between meals, abstinence from meat, and any other penances, but you can offer them up along with My ongoing suffering on the cross. Americans know little about suffering, but you are enduring high unemployment and a poor economy. The people in Haiti are truly suffering, and I thank all of those people who have helped them, or are still helping them. Forty days of Lenten suffering seems long at first. You need spiritual endurance to help people, and this struggle during Lent will help cleanse your soul. I am not asking everyone to be a martyr, but let your daily trials be a means of sharing your pain with Me. Spiritual cleansing by Confession and acts of self-denial are a huge help for your weaknesses to sin. Keep focusing on perfecting your soul so you are constantly prepared to meet Me at your judgment every day, because you do not know when I will call you home.”