Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday, February 17, 2013: (First Sunday of Lent)
Jesus said: “My people, during Lent you could take a lesson in fighting off the devil’s temptations by My example when I was tested in the desert. I fasted from eating for forty days, just as you have a Lenten Season of forty days of fasting. The first temptation was to produce bread to eat after My fasting. The devil will attack you most when you are in a weakened state as I was after not eating for so long. The devil also attacks you through your desires for earthly things, but man does not live on bread alone. The second temptation is for fame and glory as the devil offered Me all the kingdoms of the earth if I would bow down and worship him. Man is also tempted with fame and fortune, but do not strive for wealth and fame because these things will quickly fade away. I ask everyone to worship Me only according to the First Commandment, and do not let fame, money, or possessions become your idols or gods. The third temptation was to throw Myself off of a cliff so the angels would protect Me. I told the devil that he was not to tempt the Lord, thy God. You may have your faith tested, but do not have any doubts, and trust in Me to help you through all of your trials. If you know how the devil is going to attack you, then you can be ready with My grace to fight him, and do not succumb to his temptations. Even if you falter in sin, you know I will forgive you when you confess your sins in frequent Confession at least once a month. Lent is all about seeking My forgiveness of your sins, and avoiding temptations as much as possible. Work on your bad habits in order to improve your spiritual life.”