Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, when you come to Mass every Sunday, the priest consecrates the host and the wine into My Body and Blood, so I am there before you in My Real Presence. You all bring many petitions in prayer as you have the priest offer them up to Me. I hear your petitions and I am blessing all of you in both your physical and spiritual needs. Many of you need to repent of your sins. It is through Confession that you can be made ‘clean’ again in your soul. So do not be spiritually lazy, but reach out to Me and seek forgiveness of your sins. You would much rather be cleansed of sin, than remain in your sins as the man in the Gospel suffered from his leprosy. When you ask Me to be made clean, I will heal you as I healed the man of his leprosy. Rejoice that you always have Me present to heal you. It is your choice to come forward and seek My healing forgiveness of your sins.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have given you this image of the United States as a sinking ship before, but now you are seeing it sink even faster. This faster sinking is an indication that your bankruptcy is proceeding at an ever faster pace, as your country spends money on both an unnecessary war and a spending bill that will not stimulate your economy fast enough to save it. This increased spending is adding trillions of dollars to your national debt, and it is mortgaging your children’s future. Many countries, that could afford to buy this new debt, are baulking at the little backing or collateral for this debt. Once the ratings go down on your bonds, very few will want to buy them. This will cause a devaluing of your currency, and could lead to your bankruptcy, if not enough people want to buy your Treasury notes. The interest rate will be forced higher because of more risk and this will add further chaos to your credit crisis. Continue to prepare yourselves to go to your refuges because the takeover of your country is drawing closer. Pray for My protection as I will have My angels protecting you.”