Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, in both readings you are seeing how people with leprosy were quarantined and called ‘unclean’ in these older societies, in order to protect others from getting a contagious disease. You have certain outcasts even today in people with AIDS, tuberculosis, and other contagious diseases. You also have people with immoral habits and covens of evil that are even more dangerous for your souls. Those, who deal with selling drugs, pushing prostitution and pornography, and similar evil addictions, are infecting people with the demons of addictions. Even those, who promote and carry out abortions, are an evil in your society. The death culture that promotes abortion, euthanasia, wars, and life threatening man-made viruses, are led by Satan to reduce the world’s population. You have demons all around you encouraging such evil behavior. I am here as a Light of grace to dispel the darkness of evil, and protect My faithful from the demons and their temptations. I give you each a guardian angel to protect you from the demons. I give you My sacraments of grace and My blessed sacramentals also to protect you from the demons. I know your weakness to sin as a consequence of Adam’s original sin. I give you My sacrament of Penance to seek My forgiveness of your sins, and to restore My grace in your soul. I am asking My faithful to stay close to Me in prayer and My sacraments, and to follow My Commandments of love. By doing this, you will be free of evil, and you will be on the narrow road to heaven. Remember that an unclean soul in mortal sin is more dangerous to your spiritual life than any physical disease. Better to run to Me in Confession so you can always have grace and life in your soul.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are sharing in My suffering on the cross while you are struggling through life on this earth. Many people are despairing sometimes with the relentless evil going on in the world. I am showing you this vision of My Transfiguration so I can give everyone hope in your goal to be with Me in heaven. I suffered your human condition, so I know the frustrations and trials that you are going through. When you see My glorified Body, you see your own body one day that will be rejoined with your soul at the last judgment. So My people need to be patient and trust in Me, and you will have your reward in heaven. This life is very short and your sufferings will also be short. Think about being with Me forever in My beatific vision, and this life’s trials are worth being purified to be with Me. Thank you for your prayers today since you are helping to balance off all the evil going on in the world.”