Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, in the readings today you are openly seeing how the devil tempted Me, and he tempts you constantly to sin. I am showing you how the devil is constantly stirring up anger and divisions between peoples. He is constantly causing estranged relationships in families and among nations. Satan hates man and he does everything to encourage killing in wars, abortion, euthanasia, and killing over drugs and possessions. The vision of war in killing others is the result of sin and division caused by the devil. The evil one taunts the rich to cause wars in order to profit from weapons sales and interest on war debts. Do not be taken in by the puppets of the one world people who are always encouraging wars against terrorism, ethnic differences, or even regime changes. All wars have evil causes and are a scourge among men. Some wars are just in fighting against despots or ruthless dictators who are invading other nations. Wars against terrorism are made up wars, so refuse to be misled in such staged reasons for war. Pray for peace and diplomatic solutions to bring compromise in disagreements. Pray for peace in your families before you can have peace in the world. Pray even for My peace which is much more lasting than man’s peace. Remember how the devil encourages fighting and disagreements so you can be on guard to dismiss such temptations and seek to love one another instead. Love can conquer all of your evil wars if you have love in your heart for Me and your neighbor.”