Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, you know that I am a God-man when I was on the earth in visible human form. Because of My power as God, I truly spoke with authority and the people realized this when I cast the demon out of the person in the Gospel. Later, people would hear of many other healings, raising people from the dead, walking on water, and calming the stormy seas. Even with all of My demonstrated authority, I was still obedient to My Father’s Will in dying for all of mankind on the cross. I did this because of My love for all of you. The demons knew of My authority as they proclaimed that I was the ‘Holy One of God’. Then when I commanded them, they left the man. I gave this power over demons in ‘My Name’ to My apostles. This is why an exorcist priest has authority to also remove demons. The demons do not have power over your free will as I do not use this authority. Some people have multiple demons or more powerful demons, and these will require prayer and fasting because the price of that soul is higher. My faithful as a group can also say prayers of deliverance to exorcize demons out of people. Many of your bad habits have demons attached to them that could possess someone. Prayer and fasting, holy water, blessed salt, scapulars, and blessed Benedictine crosses are also helpful in fighting and removing demons. Especially pray the St. Michael prayer for deliverance. I still have authority over all demons and when I return, you will see all of the demons chained in hell.”