Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, today you are seeing St. John the Baptist heralding My Way in the desert, as in the vision. In the desert, water is unusual to find, but it is the means that St. John used to baptize those who wanted to repent of their sins. Water is necessary for life in the body, and the cleansing grace of Baptism is life for the soul as well. Repenting of sin and changing any sinful lifestyles are what you must accept into your life if you wish to be one of My disciples. As you move into the second week of Advent, prepare your souls with Confession and contrition for your sins. Be more fervent in your prayers and look for opportunities to help people more. As you look to buy gifts for Christmas, think also to help the poor in their needs. Remember how I was refused at the inn, and open your hearts to help people and greet everyone with Christmas cheer.”
Jesus said: “My people, all of My refuges will be as fortresses like a castle where there will be protection for My faithful by My angels. No matter how much the evil ones will try to destroy you, they will not be successful. My springs of water will heal you of all of your sicknesses. Your food will be multiplied to endure throughout the whole tribulation. Your shelters will also be multiplied to provide for everyone. Have no fear of this time as you will be directed when to come to My refuges. Only those that stay in their homes could risk becoming martyrs for not coming to My refuges. I will even lessen their pain as they will become instant saints. Rejoice when you see the tribulation unfolding because you know that My coming is near.”