Sunday, December 6, 2009: (2nd Sunday of Advent)

Jesus said: “My people, St. John the Baptist is My herald in the desert in today’s reading as he prepared the people for My coming, not only at Christmas at My birth, but to later proclaim the Kingdom of God is at hand. The people of Israel are called to read the Scriptures to see My coming in Bethlehem, the place of King David. They also heard that a virgin will give birth which is My Blessed Mother. These early Sundays of Advent recall all of the earlier prophecies that are about to be fulfilled when I came to the earth incarnated as a man. My purpose was to give man My Word of the Gospel of love and to die for your sins. On the day that I died there was a great earthquake that tore the curtain in two in the temple. You can see the results also in the Holy Sepulcher Church under where My cross was placed. Rejoice in St. John’s words that proclaim My coming.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have been patiently waiting for the time of tribulation to begin as you have prepared your refuges and your backpacks. You are living comfortably now, but your persecution will be worse than you thought it would be. Without the protection of My angels, none of you would survive. You will be living as a loving Christian community, helping each other to survive. You will have what you need because you will be trusting Me in faith. The events leading up to the tribulation are in motion already. Once martial law is declared, you will be on your way to your refuges where you will stay throughout the tribulation. Your prayer life will be intense as you will see many martyred for their faith. Those, who are martyred for the faith, will become instant saints in heaven. Do not be fearful of these times, but keep your peace in your soul, and I will take care of you. Walk with Me in trying to evangelize souls, even before My Warning. Many have fallen away from their faith, and they need prayer warriors to save them. Rejoice when you see these events begin because you know My coming again is soon.”