Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday, December 29, 2013: (Holy Family Sunday)
Jesus said: “My people, this day you honor My Holy Family, and you should see us as a model for all family households. The children should be brought up in an environment of love with a loving mother and a loving father. When you have divorce and co-habitation, the children are either missing a parent, or their parents are living in sin as a bad example. Even married couples need to avoid birth control, because every marriage act needs to be open to having children. Family planning of using infertile times, is allowed. When your society treats life as precious, then you would not have abortions. Families need to patch up any disagreements, so you do not live with endless grudges. Life is too short to not live in love of each other. When spouses work at good communications and love, then there will be less divorces. When the family comes to Sunday Mass, monthly Confession, and prays daily, then you are inviting Me to be a part of your family. Your Lord should be the most loved in all the world. When you pray every day, you are telling Me how much you love Me. The family should be the basic units of your society. The devil is constantly trying to break up families, especially through communism and socialism. Follow My ways instead of the ways of the world, and your families will be thriving in My love.”