Sunday, December 28, 2008: (Holy Innocents)

Jesus said: “My people, how curious you are to always want to hear the latest news. Most of these reports are of bad news such as killings, robberies, wars, and natural disasters. But you have the best of Good News when you read the books of the Bible. You have just celebrated Christmas which commemorates My coming to earth as a God-man through My Incarnation. It is difficult for you to understand, but it is good news that I died for your sins so one day you could be resurrected in your body. The Good News of the salvation of all of mankind definitely is worthy of being celebrated as the best news of all for your souls for all eternity. Those, who accept this gift of eternal life in heaven, also have to be in obedience to My laws and My Will for your mission. By taking up your own cross and doing good deeds for others, you will be on the right road to heaven. Rejoice in My Good News and work to share your faith with all of those that you can convert to this faith in Me.”
Jesus said: “My people, every time that you read about King Herod killing all of the male babies two and under, it strikes a chord with many other similar mass killings. The killing of the Jews under Hitler, and the aborted babies come to mind. It is very difficult to understand how one person or court could declare one group of people as not being worthy to live. I am the only One who decides when you are to die. When man kills others, you are defying My plans for their lives. Any punishments in natural disasters or government takeovers are due mostly on account of your abortions. The doctors and mothers have nearly no remorse over their killing of babies because one is a convenient solution and the other gets money. As you think of the violent deaths of the Holy Innocents, let it be a reminder to speak out against abortion and encourage mothers to have their babies.”