Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, this scene at St. Elizabeth’s house is very appropriate for Christmas as St. John the Baptist stirred in his mother’s womb at the sound of My Blessed Mother coming with Me in her womb. St. Elizabeth called My Blessed Mother ‘Blessed among all women’ to be carrying Me in her womb. My Blessed Mother came to help St. Elizabeth in her old age to bear her son that was a miracle birth. Just as St. John announced My arrival from the womb, later he prepared the people for My public ministry when he baptized people in the Jordan River. He called Me the ‘Lamb of God’ after My baptism and encouraged people and My apostles to follow Me. At that time he announced how he must decrease while I would increase. This is a message to everyone that I should be the most important One in your lives, even above your own will. Rejoice as you are soon to celebrate another Christmas.”