Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday, December 2, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, this Sunday starts Advent, and the Gospel reading of the end times is similar to the week day readings of the last week of the Church Year. The message is about being watchful for My coming at Christmas, but it is also a message of being watchful for My coming again in this age. You can start reading the meditations in your little Advent book so you can prepare your souls for Christmas. The best gift that you can give Me is a pure soul with frequent Confession. Offer up your daily prayers for the souls of your family and for poor sinners. If you are persistent in your prayers for your family, you could help save them from hell. The battle for souls is an ongoing fight against the devil’s temptations, and many souls weaken in the faith as they get older. My faithful need to keep up their spiritual strength with My sacraments so you can endure the test of time on earth.”

Jesus said: “My people, this quill pen in the vision was used to write your Constitution that set up a separation of powers between your three Branches of government, and between your powers of the states. You are seeing the Executive Branch taking more power away from your Congress by its fiat rule of Executive Orders, and the Cabinet Departments declaring their own rules. Budgets and debt limits are the domain of the Congress, and your people need to protect this separation of powers, or you will be facing a despot dictator and the loss of your Constitutional rights. Many of your rules of law were set up to restrain one Branch from controlling the whole government. You also are seeing your states taking issue with many parts of your Health Care Law that are usurping the powers of the states. If your people do not enforce your separation of powers, then you are inviting chaos and a possible revolution which is why your documents were drafted. Pray for your country because once the one world people gain control, you all will lose your rights as you will be forced into the North American Union. At that point you will need to leave for the protection of My refuges.”