Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, today’s readings have a familiar theme that I have given you to not conform to the world, but follow Me in carrying your cross. The world wants you to be politically correct, but I want you to be spiritually and physically correct according to My Commandments. The world wants you to please yourself first, but My ways ask you to follow Me and not to worship any person or thing in this world. Some want to avoid pain, embarrassment, or confrontation with other people. But I ask you to not take any microchip in the body, not worship the beast, and not to have abortions, nor commit other sexual sins. You are called to evangelize souls. You should also speak out against abortion, wars, prostitution, pornography, and homosexual marriages. These may be unpopular opinions and you could be persecuted, but you need to proclaim the truth in giving witness to your faith. You may even be tested with possible martyrdom in defending or not denying your faith. But a reward as a saint in heaven is better than risking hell or severe purgatory for denying Me. Taking up your cross where you are may be difficult, but following Me will go better for you at your judgment.”
Jesus said: “My people, in many ways you have a fear of the unknown because you do not know what to expect in these situations. This can be a problem in starting a new job or a new project. It may even be meeting strangers in your attempt to evangelize them. In all of these situations call on My help and I will have the Holy Spirit give you what to say at that moment so you may help that soul be converted. You should think more of helping to save souls at all times, even if they should refuse your invitation. That person may never receive another persons’s invitation to love Me, so take advantage of every opportunity to bring grace to people. Even in your own families there may be some souls who are either lax in their own faith, or refuse to accept Me by not coming to Sunday services. You cannot force your faith on someone else, but you can still give them good example and let them see that prayer and love of Me is an important part of your life. Try to be as loving as possible, and this spirit of love may touch them to love Me more. Pray for those souls who have fallen away from their faith, and pray that they will wake up to loving Me before they die. Have no fear of the unknown, and be willing to reach out to save souls, even when they are strangers.”