Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I know there are some with much stronger faith than others, and these are usually the prayer warriors of the family that the rest of the family looks up to for strength. Those, who are weak in the faith, need some inspiration and even prodding to come to Sunday Mass. In the Gospel you can see the value of being persistent in your prayers because you are praying often to change the free wills of people who are set in their ways of the world. You can always encourage and evangelize your family to say their daily prayers and get to monthly Confession. These are the minimum to nourish your faith because you need to be improving every year to work toward your goal of sainthood. Do not be lukewarm or static in your faith, but nourish your faith and improve it with extra reading and retreats. Without some nourishment of feeding your faith and love of Me, your faith will wither and die. Show Me your love in prayer and your love for your neighbor by sharing your faith and doing good deeds for them.”
Jesus said: “My people, this mailbox is all about how I send you messages and requests every day, but it is your return mail that describes your answer to Me. I may ask you to go out and speak about the faith to help evangelize souls. I may ask you to make a substantial donation to the support of My Church on Sunday. You may not be able to fulfill all of My requests, but you should at least make your best effort to answer them. What I ask you to do may require a minimum of effort, but it should be your desire to please Me by serving Me. I ask you to give up everything in denying your will to follow My Will. By acting on My call, you are answering My spiritual message. Some of your requests are petitions for souls to be saved. If you pray much for someone’s illnesses, your faith in My healing could bring spiritual healing to that person. Pray for spiritual and physical healing of your intentions for someone, and I will help them in My time.”