Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, you see the traditional churches that still have stained glass windows in the vision. The priest is greeting the people, and inviting them to share with Me at the Mass. There are many people who have left the Church because they became lukewarm in their faith. If they truly loved Me and believed in My Real Presence in the Host, how could they refuse to stop receiving Me? When I ask My people to evangelize and convert souls, I am not just asking them to convert new people, but also to reconvert the Catholics who have left. You have seen the numbers of people coming to church in decline because your nation is becoming a pagan nation that worships the gods of sports, money, material things, and fame. Because you have all of your modern distractions, people are rarely praying to Me. Once you lose your faith in Me, it may require a miracle, or many people praying for you in order to get your faith back. The devil is lulling the American people into a spiritual laziness, and they better wake up before they see My punishment fall upon them. As you turn your backs on Me, your blessings are being taken away. The devil is getting stronger in your drug society, your abortions, and your same sex marriages. Come back to Me, and repent of your sins, and I will restore your blessings.”

Jesus said: “My people, as you grow older, some of you require reading glasses to read fine print. It is fortunate that such non-prescription glasses are inexpensive to replace if you break them. You are fortunate also to be able to see because blind people have a much harder disability in making a living. Even as you think of correcting your physical sight, there is also a spiritual sight to be able to understand the faith. I speak sometimes of the eyes of faith because this is needed to know that the end times are approaching. There are signs for the people to tell that the end times are coming. One sign is how the faith is growing cold in the hearts of the people. Another sign is the increase of knowledge as you find everything on the internet. Still a third sign is the formation of continental unions that will be used to bring the Antichrist into power. Other signs are famine, earthquakes, and pestilence. When you see these signs, know that My coming as a victor over the evil ones will soon bring about the defeat of Satan and the Antichrist. They will be cast into hell, and I will bring about My Era of Peace as My faithful’s reward.”