Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014: (Gospel on Lazarus)
Jesus said: “My people, this explanation of Myself as the Resurrection and the Life to Mary and Martha, is a glorious joy that I want all souls to experience. I have told you before that I am the Giver and the Taker of life, and you can only come to heaven through Me. I wept for the death of My friend, Lazarus. I weep tears of joy for every soul who repents and converts his or her life by his or her own free will. Heaven also rejoices over every repentant sinner. I am also weeping, as I did for Jerusalem, for all the souls who have not yet converted. My people, you have a choice to be with Me in My Light in heaven, or God forbid that some choose to remain in the darkness of their sin which could lead to hell. You have experienced heaven where you were One with Me in My pure love and peace outside of time. There is beautiful singing by My angels, who continually give Me praise and worship. In heaven you will have My beatific vision of all knowledge. This is why you did not want to return to your earthly life. On the other hand, those, who reject Me, need to know what they would be facing in hell. I showed you the soul bodies agonizing in the flames of hell, and they were constantly tormented by the demons. There was no love, only anger in hell, and these souls were very ugly in appearance. Worst of all, these souls will never see My loving face ever again. These souls are living in total hopelessness forever. You do not want to see any souls come to this hellish experience. I want souls to come to Me out of love, but some may come to Me out of the fear of hell. I love all souls so much, and I do not want any soul lost in hell. This is why I need help from My prayer warriors and My faithful to evangelize as many souls to be saved as possible. I thank all of you for your efforts to save souls for their resurrection.”