Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday, April 29, 2012: (Good Shepherd Sunday)
Jesus said: “My people, today’s Mass was special for you as you watched the young girls and boys dressed for their First Holy Communion. Some of you may be able to remember your own First Holy Communion, and how innocent you were in those early years of your life. You may have lost some of your innocence, but with frequent Confession, you can keep a pure soul. The Gospel speaks of how I left the ninety-nine together in the desert as I went off to search for the lost sheep. I am always drawing My flock of souls to Me as I love you tenderly. I asked My disciples to bring the little children to Me as these First Communicants. These are My little lambs that I carry on My shoulder. The sheep know the voice of their shepherd, and they follow him. My faithful also know My voice, and I call you to come to receive Me worthily in Holy Communion as often as you can. When you receive Me in Communion, I am present in your soul for awhile. Enjoy these intimate moments with Me as I share My graces with you in helping you on your path to heaven. Keep focused on Me as you receive My Body and Blood which will bring you eternal life with Me in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, the young people are so taken up with entertainment stars that they have little time for Me or the saints in their lives. You have seen how difficult it is to find the young people at Sunday Mass or at prayer groups. I understand after working or going to school all week, that people need some entertainment time. But I am their Creator, and I should deserve some time in their lives. Young people should not always expect to be entertained at Mass, but they should try to understand how much I love them that I died to save their souls. They know in their young lives about their desire in loving a boyfriend or a girlfriend. They should take this love one step higher in loving Me. If they would give Me some of their time to have a personal relationship with Me, they would be overwhelmed when they pray with Me. Satan has distracted today’s youth with fame, materialism, and electronic gadgets. Pornography, bad movies, and games have captured the attention of the youth, but they need to be focused more on beautiful and chaste things. Parents need to give their children good examples to follow and encourage their children to come closer to Me in their prayer life and weekly Sunday Mass. If the children do not see My influence in the lives of the parents, then the children will not seek Me in their lives. Pray for your youth to come to Me more in their needs, and seek My help in their daily problems.”