Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, My apostles were still having reservations about My Resurrection after hearing accounts from the women and My two disciples. Then I appeared in their midst, and that appearance ended any doubts of My Resurrection. I showed them My wounds in My hands and feet, and I ate some fish to let them know that I was not a ghost. I let them touch Me to see that I was present in the flesh. Their joy knew no bounds, and they were happy to have Me back among them for a short time. I made several appearances to My apostles to encourage them in their mission to spread My Good News of My Resurrection. I loved My apostles when I was on the earth in the flesh, and I did not want to lose any of them except for My betrayer who was led by Satan to kill himself. As My apostles believed in Me, so I want My faithful to believe in Me as well, even without seeing Me. I said: ‘Peace be with you,’ to My apostles, and I say the same to My faithful. Rejoice as you read from the Acts of the Apostles and My Gospels about the many beautiful happenings after My Resurrection.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have just heard a beautiful concert where the conductor was leading the various instruments as they played music in harmony together. I am showing you a vision of the stars, and a vision of people’s various skills. If you look at My angels, the beauty of nature, and the beauty of mankind, you can see that I am like a conductor drawing everything together in My harmony of love. I have given the angels and mankind free will to follow Me or not. Some of the angels refused to serve Me, and their disharmony was punished in hell. Even all of mankind is in a weakened state where there is disharmony in sin, wars, and killings. You have been given an example in My life to imitate, and you have My Commandments to keep order and harmony. When you follow My ways, My faithful can make beautiful music together in fulfilling the work of their missions. Those people, who want to follow their own way, can cause disharmony, and they will be punished accordingly. I ask you to look at the harmony in nature and the stars, and you can see how to follow Me so you can be in harmony with My love. I desire that all of you would seek a loving relationship with Me. I can then use you to help each other with your individual skills to make a beautiful world in concert with your Master Conductor. This world has been infected with evil, but a time is coming in My victory when all the evil demons and evil people will be removed to hell. Then once again you will see a beautiful harmony with nature when I will renew the earth in My Era of Peace. After My faithful are perfected, you will see the perfection in heaven that will be a delight to see Me in My beatific vision. Rejoice as you strive to be in harmony with My love through My sacramental graces.”