Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, you are all familiar with reading your newspaper in the morning, for those who have a subscription. News of your daily events on earth quickly grow old. Very few people want to read yesterday’s newspaper. I am showing you these printing presses because your daily news is always concerned with breaking news. Once the details of a story is known, it quickly gets old. This is why you are at times annoyed when some channels keep playing the same court trial day after day. This daily news on earth can be contrasted with My ‘Good News’ of salvation, and My words in the Bible that live on forever without change. Earthly news is over in a day, but My words have a lasting character because you are faced with the truth of My words. Earthly stories can be misinterpreted, propaganda, or censored, so it is skeptical at best. But there is no doubt in My words, unless somebody is an atheist, and they do not believe in Me. You can put your faith and trust in My words that are true, and I can save souls from going to hell, if they follow Me. All that I teach is about love of God and neighbor, because I am love. It is the devil who causes hate, evil, and confusion. This is why you will know people by the fruits that they bear. A good tree can only bear good fruit, while a bad tree can only bear bad fruit. A good person will bear good deeds, while a bad person will bear bad deeds. I still call on My faithful to evangelize souls, so they can be converted to the faith and be saved.”