Saturday, September 5, 2015

Saturday, September 5, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, it is one thing to clean the trash out of your house, but it is another to purify your sinful trash out of your soul in Confession. Sometimes in older days you could see trash being burned up in a trash barrel. It is not accepted now, because of your pollution laws. Even now, you also see only a few people coming to Confession, usually on Saturday. You all are sinners, and yet only a few people see Confession as a true need to cleanse their souls. When My people see their Warning experience, they will have a different view of their sins in how they offend Me. There will be long lines with the priests working overtime in the confessional. This cleansing of souls is so needed, because if you could see the stench of black sins on the souls, you would want them cleansed as I desire it. Pray for souls to be converted both now and at the Warning. The Warning will come in My time, but you could prepare yourself with frequent Confession, monthly.”

(4:00 p.m. anticipation Mass) Jesus said: “My son, I am giving you a glimpse of what your Warning experience would be like. You will see how you progressed in your faith, and how I have used you to spread My messages over the internet and through your books to help evangelize souls. Your gift of My mission has held you close to Me, and you need to do everything for Me, and not just to please yourself. Once I helped break your programming addiction, you understood how you were wasting your time on earthly things, instead of letting Me run your life. You can see in your life review how events are intensifying, as you prepare your house to be an interim refuge. You are seeing the urgency in My messages as world events will become more serious, with evil growing in temporary power. This dramatic view of the Warning is another sign that the time of My Warning is about to be brought upon all sinners. After My Warning, you will have a time to repent before major events will lead up to the declaration of the Antichrist and the beginning of the tribulation. It is at that time when My faithful will be coming to My refuges, and you will be fulfilling your new mission. Trust in Me and My angels to protect those who are not martyred, and I will multiply what you need.”