Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, you are coming out of a deep recession, but jobs are still being lost with a high unemployment level. Companies may be saving money, but your people are suffering from not having enough money for their necessities. Many jobs have left your country and manufacturing jobs are becoming scarce. This is why I have told you that your standard of living has been decreasing as a result. This control of your economy has been purposely caused by the one world people, because bankruptcy and takeover of America is their goal. Any way that they can precipitate an appearing emergency as with your pandemic Swine Flu, they will use such an excuse to take away your freedoms. Mandatory vaccinations and quarantines as in a proposed bill in Massachusetts should make it obvious that it is control over America that the one world people are planning. They created this disease with a man-made virus, and they are proposing the solution with a martial law that will take away all of your rights. Pray for My protection as soon you will need to go to My refuges to save your lives and protect your souls.”
Jesus said: “My people, at times you let your spiritual life become too routine, and you need to let some fresh air into your lives. Make a point to vary your reading material, or pray some different prayers. You may want to emphasize your fasting for various intentions. By changing your prayer life a little, you can add a little more fervor of love for Me. As you compare various years, you need to improve in your spirituality if you intend to work on your perfection for sainthood. Reach out more to help people in their faith more than just their physical needs. Evangelization is more difficult, but with My help, it will be more rewarding both in this life and the next life.”