Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010:
Jesus said: ‘My people, when you look at all of the days that you see while you are on the earth, this is a short time, and soon your life will be called from you. This time passes quickly, so you need to make the best use of your time while you can store up treasures in heaven. You all know that one day you will die, but you do not know how or when. At times you need to recollect your spiritual life to see where you will stand at your judgment. Some people keep pure souls with frequent Confession and daily prayer, while others are not fully prepared. Once you die, you cannot change anything, so it is important to always be ready. When you examine your life, see if you are improving or not so you can change any parts of your life that need improvement. You should be striving for perfection which means coming closer to Me and being less involved with worldly desires. The more good works that you store up in heaven, the easier it will go for you at your judgment. As you help your own spiritual life, you can also be a good example to others in improving their spiritual lives.”