Saturday, September 19, 2009: (St. Januarius)

Jesus said: “My people, today’s Gospel speaks of the parable of the sower where seed is being planted in various places. I explained to My disciples that this seed is the Word of God and how it was received by different people. I want to speak of the seed that grew up with the thorns that choked the wheat and it could not mature. This is the problem that you have with your affluent society that is so used to instant gratification for everything that you want. Many hear My Word and may believe for a while, but the comforts, pleasures, and distractions of the world soon take their focus off of Me as the center of their lives. Some become so addicted to drugs, drink, gambling, or computers that it takes much prayer and treatment to break these habits. This is why I have encouraged you to live a simple life so your entertainment devices do not control you. Continue to set aside time in your life for daily prayer and monthly Confession. When you pray, you are talking to Me which is why your informal prayer from your heart is so pleasing to Me. By keeping Me as the center of your life, and following My mission for your life, you can keep working on your perfection toward sainthood that will get you into heaven.”